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I am actually flailing. Legit flailing.


I’ve gotten more excited about FOUR LBD tweets than I have about the entire series of Emma Approved.

I feel the same way and that makes me sad

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Study shows most LGBT couples in Europe afraid to hold hands in public, face high discrimination


Though France took a huge step by legalizing marriage equality this weekend, a high number of Europeans still face anti-gay discrimination regularly, according to a new study.

A survey released Friday of more than 93,000 LGBT Europeans found nearly half had felt discriminated against in the previous year based on their sexual orientation. Two-thirds said they were afraid to hold hands with their same-sex partner in public, especially gay and bisexual men.

“A too great number of LGBT people across Europe are being barred from being themselves. Their ability to enjoy their basic human right of living with dignity, to enjoy life and express themselves freely without discrimination, is being denied,” EU Agency for Fundamental Rights Director Morten Kjaerum said during a speech announcing the findings.

According to the report, the countries with the largest proportion of respondents who felt discrimination based on sexual orientation in the past 12 months included Lithuania (61 percent), Croatia (60 percent), Poland (57 percent) and Cyprus (56 percent).

In some cases, the Huffington Post notes, this discrimination has manifested itself in violence documented by other recent studies:

The EU survey comes on the heels of the release of SOS Homophobie’s 2013 report of homophobia in France, which revealed a sharp increase in the number of anti-gay attacks in the country.

According to the annual report, 645 cases were reported to the French LGBT organization last year, compared to 249 reported cases in 2011, illustrating that the number of anti-gay assaults has more than doubled in France. However, almost half of the attacks occurred in the last three months, during the time gay marriage demonstrations began to heat up in Paris, SOS Homophobia President Elisabeth Ronzier indicated to Le Huffington Post.

This is really unfortunate and even frightening. Marriage equality is great and all, but it’s worthless if we’re not safe being ourselves on the street. We’ve got some work to do. 

 happy birthday to sierra boggess! 

happy birthday to sierra boggess! 

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Gigi meets the mayor’s assistant, Ed Denham.  She can’t get his boss on the phone, but they talk politics, aunts, and AIs.

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a rare pattern: Welcome to Sanditon Official Accounts Masterlist


Welcome to Sanditon is growing a strong transmedia presence with the inclusion of fan accounts in addition to their own in-universe accounts. The WTS Twitter has made two separate lists of the characters and the “townspeople” (the fan accounts), but these lists are limited to the Twitter accounts….

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Flawless human being is flawless.

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Inside Graham Hill’s single-room, 420-square-foot apartment. 

“One of the easiest ways to go green is to go small,” Hill says. “I want to show people that there’s an amazing modern green future, and make it easy for them to step into it.”

Hill transforms his couch into a bed, makes a desk appear from the wall, and then moves that entire wall to reveal a guest bedroom. Just as quickly, he disappears the guest room, pops a Murphy bed back into place, and reveals a dining room table with seating for 10. Even Hill’s bathroom is multifunctional: He soundproofed the toilet stall and added a handsome wooden bench that folds over the seat, which turns it either into a private phone booth or, no joke, a very tiny meditation studio. That’s why he and nine others who are trying to change how we live made our list of The 100 Most Creative People of 2013. 

Take a tour

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"Under Moffat’s watch the Doctor has morphed from an alien who loves humans and feels their pain and experiences love and desire and empathy to a stunted, child-like and extremely bloody irritating space-goon who flaps about like an injured moth when other people’s emotions are making him uncomfortable. And makes sexist jokes about how women are scary. And wants his married companions to sleep in bunk beds. And can save human lives but does not seem to understand human feelings. Who would travel with this man? He might be zany and charming and have nice boots, but he is fundamentally cold and unrelatable."

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